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Telephone: 01704 544645
Address: Town Lane, Southport, PR8 6RE

The generosity of our supporters never fails to lift the spirits of everyone here at Queenscourt.

Just recently we had the pleasure of informing one of our Lottery players, Lilian, that she had won a £20 prize, only for her to immediately respond by offering us her winnings as a donation back to Queenscourt.QC Blog Join Now

Lilian, who has been a member of Queenscourt’s Lottery for 16 years, explained her generosity: “Given all that's happening at moment I know charities are struggling as many of their fundraising events are cancelled. “When I learned I had won on the Lottery, I just wanted Queenscourt to keep the money. Their need is greater than mine at the moment.” Lilian’s support of Queenscourt dates back to when her brother was cared for by the hospice. “It was a very difficult time for the family, especially his wife and children, but the support we all received from Queenscourt was fantastic,” she said. Lilian has recently taken a second number each week on the Lottery and also enters our raffles on occasions. “I can’t make large regular donations, so this is my way of helping,” she added.

If you would like to learn more about our weekly Lottery and how to enter, go to our Lottery Page.